Scheucher-Italia since 1995

The company's objective is to market fresh meat products from Scheucher-Fleisch, the biggest pork and beef processor in Stiria, Austria, to Italy and other EU countries.
The experience, professionalism, and organizational skills of the staff at the Italian branch has helped Scheucher-Fleisch make a name for itself in recent years among Italian leaders in the sector.
Please visit the company website at for more information about the slaughterhouse and the livestock farms in Stiria.

Scheucher-Italia in 2005

Ten years of fruitful, intensive collaboration have strengthened the company's relationship with Scheucher-Fleisch, especially its chairman, Mr. Hannes Scheucher.
It enters into a partnership with a major German firm, STEINEMANN GMBH & CO. KG - BAHNHOFSTRASSE 78/80 – STEINFELD, a leader in the meat packing sector, in order to increase its product sales in Italy.
Italian beef begins to be processed and marketed at a slaughterhouse in northern Italy (Palazzo Pignano - Cremona). Livestock is acquired in the provinces of Milan, Bergamo, Brescia, and Cremona, for butchering and export to northern European countries.

Scheucher-Italia in 2006

Turnover increases with the acquisition of a shareholding in one of its long-standing partners, whose core business is the preparation and marketing of packaged beef and pork products for supermarkets.

Scheucher-Italia torwards 2015

In 2013 Scheucher Italia stopped the relationship with the German's firm Steinemann GmbH.
Scheucher Italia srl has confirmed and strengthened the twenty-years profitable business relationship with Scheucher Fleisch GmbH and in particular with Scheucher Fleisch's President Mr Hannes.

Scheucher Italia Srl has increased Italian cows slaughtering and commercialization at Northen Italy slaughterhouse in Palazzo Pignano (Cremona).
A new company was born in 2012, CM Carni srl, thanks to partner Mr Massimo Colombetti's cooperation.
CM Carni srl's core business is commercialization of slaughterhouse cows, in particular slaughtered cows at MM Carni srl's slaughterhouse (Palazzo Pignano - Cremona) and at Loren srl's slaughterhouse (Malalbergo - Bologna).

Affiliated ABF srl's income has increased remarkably.
It was about 10 millions euros in 2006 reaching currently 40 millions euros.